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Boston Culture

Originally, Boston was characterized largely by its Anglo-Saxon roots but in the 19th and 20th centuries waves of Irish immigrants settled into Boston. Boston became associated with the Irish Catholic culture. There are a number of different cultures that can be found in the different areas of Boston. For example, in South Boston it is primarily Irish Catholic, whereas the North is more associated with an Italian heritage. There are many other subcultures and this adds to the overall diverse culture of Boston.  This diversity is representative of the many interests and activities found within the city including, sports, the arts and theatre and lastly, the large student population.




Boston History


Prior to 1614,  when English explorer Captain John Smith set sail to New England to determine the New World’s commercial appeal, there were approximately 100 000 Native persons living in the area. They were organized into small tribes who survived by fishing, hunting and gathering. After landing in Maine, Captain Smith travelled to Cape Cod and dubbed the land as New England.


With a long history of interactions between the Natives and the Europeans, Boston also played an important role in the history of American Independence. It was in the Boston Harbor where the Sons of Liberty decided to make a statement about the recent Tea Act that was passed by Parliament in 1773. When the vessels arrived with the taxable tea the Sons of Liberty disguised as Mohawk Natives boarded the ship and dumped the 90, 000 pounds of tea into the harbor.


In more recent history, the local economy is driven by higher education, tourism, medicine and finance. Boston has become a diverse city filled with important American history, a blooming arts scene, the birth of house music, and filled with championship sports teams. This beautiful city is loved by whoever visits and with many activities to choose from there is something for everyone to enjoy. With such a historical presence woven into the fabric of the entire city it offers an experience different from other cities.