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Here at Belen Gift we understand the importance of sending thoughtful, sentimental gifts that go beyond the actual item. We make it our responsibility to ensure the gift basket has the precise message you want regardless of the occasion. Our gift baskets are purchased by you tax free and with an extensive selection to chose from we guarantee satisfaction to both the purchaser and recipient. 


If you are looking for a gift to say “Thank you,” “Congratulations,” or whatever the sentiment, we make it our responsibility to deliver your message with the most amount of care. We offer a variety of gift baskets that will be perfect for whatever occasion you are looking to send a gift for.


Are you looking to welcome a newborn baby into the world? We have a wide range of baby gift baskets with a wonderful collection of items that would be a perfect present for Mom and Dads adjustment to their new addition. Are you thinking of a gift to celebrate an anniversary or special occasion? Our gift baskets are constructed with high end products and are presented in such a way that sends a beautiful, thoughtful message. You may be interested in our wine or champagne gifts which could prove to be a perfect idea when celebrating something special. You also have the option of choosing a basket and adding a bottle of wine or champagne to it. We make it as easy as possible for you to send that perfect gift.


There are many great reasons and occasions to send a gift basket. If you are looking to send an appreciation to a business colleague or company as a “thank you” or to celebrate a holiday, a gift basket is the perfect way to send the sentiment. Servicing corporate New York, Boston and Chicago, Belen Gift strives to assist your business with maintaining and celebrating your professional relationships. With lots of sharable, tasty high end snacks, our gift baskets send a luxurious appreciation to the people you work with.


 Belen Gift has been sending gift baskets to Boston for over 30 years.  Boston is a vibrant city with great attractions, events and shopping for tourists and residents alike.  Sending a gift basket to a Boston family member is quick and easy with Belen Gift.     


Sending a gift basket to Chicago is a specialty of Belen Gift. Chicago is a bustling city with a world renowned music scene, wonderful food and great recreation opportunities. It is easy to sending a quality gift basket to a friend in Chicago with Belen Gift.


When it comes to New York, Belen Gift sends gift baskets to any of your friends, family or work colleagues across all the boroughs. Whether it be a bank in Brooklyn, a sister in Queens or those good friends in Manhattan, sending a gift basket is easy with Belen Gift.


Our gift baskets cover a wide range of sizes, budgets and products that are suitable for any occasion. Our baskets are filled with unique, high end products that will leave a lasting impression. With our unique sure to assist in helping you find that perfect gift and sentiment you want to send.

That’s why we take the responsibility of delivering your message with the professionalism you deserve. We pride ourselves on our costumer service and we ensure that every aspect of our job is done in a professional manner. Our baskets are hand assembled with the greatest care and there is no order too big or too small for us here at Belen Gifts. Placing an order for a gift basket is secure, fast, professional and convenient. Happy shopping!